I love Mexican food.. who knew it could be healthy! I love the variety, organic rice.. & freshness of the food!
  Narineh H @ Yelp

The creative team behind Ocho Mexican Grill poured their very hearts and souls into creating a menu that is not only bursting with robust flavors, but also fiercely healthy. From organic brown rice to whole wheat tortillas to fresh mixed greens, Ocho has re-invented Mexican cuisine. What was once a guilty pleasure is now a healthy indulgence. You need Ocho in your life, so remember to

eat Healthy. eat Fresh. eat Ocho.

When you eat Ocho, you can also expect to feast responsibly on cuisine that has been prepared sustainably fresh, sourced locally and served in an eco-friendly fashion. All of our dinnerware, from the potato starch forks to the treeless to-go containers, is 100% compostable to limit not only our carbon footprint, but that of our customers' as well. What's good for your body can also be good for your environment.

we should all care more. live & eat green.

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