Catered Ocho.. the office LOVED and could not stop talking about their very unique & delicious food!
  Frances T @ Yelp

If you care enough about your people to foot the bill for a feast then you should definitely care enough to choose cuisine that is both super-delicious and uber-nutritious.

You can either go with our tried-and-true selection of various platters or you can opt for the food bar and give your guests carte blanche to create entree-ations (ECN Spotlights) of their own design. Exclusive to our catering menu, Ocho Mexican Grill also offers a bevy of hors d'oeuvres to whet your appetite before the big meal.

No party or event is too big or too small for Ocho. If you would like Ocho Mexican Grill to bring the Freshest and Healthiest in Gourmet Mexican cuisine to you, contact our Catering Concierge at 888.988.OCHO (6240) ext. 3 or

Our kitchen is at your service.

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